Chris Dupree Testimonial



I've been dealing with this firm for a number of years, and they have done several things for me - representing me in business transactions as well as some different legal matters. They have always been the utmost professional, always easy to work with - truth, honesty, and integrity which is very important to me in my business and philosophy. In the end, I have also noticed that people on the other side always respect the way they do business and the integrity they bring. That is important to a business man like myself because sometimes these are difficult situations we find ourselves in or difficulties and disagreements we may have with our vendors or partners. We need someone who is well respected, that can handle things with honesty and truth, and bring light into a sometimes difficult situation. I've dealt with almost all of the attorneys in the firm, particularly Steadman whose been a longtime friend and confidant of mine. Throughout the entire firm, it is that same integrity, truth and honesty that continues to bring me back, and I like using a firm like this.


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