Allyn Cramer Testimonial



The first time I saw Steadman Shealy, he was running for a touchdown in Gainesville against the Gators back in 1979. They beat us 40 to nothing. That is the fist time I had ever heard of Steadman Shealy. The second time I heard of Steadman Shealy, I was sitting in my office in Dothan. My brother and I owned three car dealerships, and his father worked for Universal Underwritters, and I mentioned that his name, also Steadman Shealy, sounded familiar. He said that his son played football at Alabama, and I said, "I am very familiar with him." I met Steadman in the gym, and hired him as our corporate attorney. He was our corporate attorney for over 20 years. He did a great job for us, and keeping me out of trouble is not the easiest job. He did a great job at that. Also, as a plaintiff attorney he helped us collect some fees on a couple of people that owed us money. On the defense side, he defended us and did it very well. What I like most about Steadman is his integrity. He reaches a little higher than most people do. I have always trusted him, and he has always done a great job for me and for my family. I am good friends with his family and watched his kids grow up. I do not think anyone could put their trust in anybody better than Steadman. So, if you are looking for a lawyer, and somebody that is honest, and those things are sometimes mutually exclusive, Steadman would be your man. He did a great job for my companies. We are still friends today, and I call him up all the time for legal advise and other advice. So if you are looking for a friend, and a great lawyer, Steadman Shealy, and Shealy, Pike & Hornsby is the one for you.       


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